Total desperation

A storm is approaching

“The marks humans leave are too often scars.” 
 (John Green, The Fault in Our Stars)

Fagaras Mountains, Rumania

The horrors of Churg-Strauss consumed me entirely. I was left alone with 20 mg cortisone and there was no perspective, no escape. That ruthless shadow haunted my body and mind. 

Without help I would not have survived that stage of the disease. But when all hope had faded, my husband found those helping hands: there is a voluntary service, which advocates patient needs in the clinic. That team was influential enough to get the attention of the head physician of the rheumatology department, who had previously ignored my husband’s request.

Soon we had a deal: I will not see the shadow again. Instead, the clinic committed to a timely appointment in a small hospital nearby, which specialized in vasculitis. I knew that they participated in the pharmaceutical study evaluating benralizumab, which my practitioner mentioned the other day.

A miracle has happened. My alliance to fight Churg-Strauss back is getting ready for battle.